Monday, August 15, 2011

Birds ft. John Milton Oliver

Simon Brown and John Milton Oliver

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm - Koo-Ka-Ree, Koo-Ka-Ree

When I fly across the sky you can’t see my wings
Even when you swarm me, I can’t feel your stings
Even when I’m calm I have pain within
You not listening closely you can’t hear me sing

When I blink across the sky I flash the red eye
It’s like life reminding what it’s like to fly
Sometimes clouds open and the rain pours down
I try to stay up above the world as it drowns

I have Jamaican dust in my lungs
From flying through a city of lusting and guns
Where it’s too hot to wear fur coats and leather
So I bathe in the rain to get smoke out my feathers

I’ve been three years now in this bird life
I met this Jamaican singing rhymes real right
His tongue has a taste for nectar sweet
He lets it sip sap with the speed of wingbeats

So I escape to the mountain
Peck on bread and drink water from a fountain
I see another bird in tree just lounging
I sing to him and he said ‘Yo bird why you shouting’

Don’t need to be so severe in the mountain air clear
Especially considering the singing’s so near
And though I might make a lovely shape in the sun
In this mountain mathematics four wings make one.

You say four wings make one but im a solo bird
In Jamaica when I sing I am never heard

Bird I know it’s hard to build a nest for yourself
But don’t forget how your song builds worlds of wealth
I’ve seen your peaceful wings: Green, Gold, and Black
Colors you gave me that I’ll never give back.

I spent my whole life being a rebel
But right now I’m gonna make my bass go with your treble

I’m a Jamaican hummingbird with smooth vibrations
And a High Meadow Blackbird – vocal sensations.

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