Sunday, August 28, 2011

Date with Destiny

Date with Destiny

By Simon Phillip Brown

Destiny’s eyes
Looks at me, then she smiles
Speaks with a voice pure like Destiny’s Child’s
It caters to me
And later you’ll see
There is no stopping what was meant to be
You see, for me, I love being free
Hand in hand on my date with Destiny
You know what’s in store
But you’re not quite sure
Like Jay-z said you’re caught in the ‘Allure’
And you take each step as if you are about to graduate
To a life so sweet sort of like granulate-
-ed sugar
Life gives you obstacles but you’re a pusher
Because determination and dedication
Carries you to your Destination
After the work is done
Kick back and let it happen
Because love is deeper than the words you’re rapping
It’s deeper than the pages you write on
It’s like a war and each song is the soil you fight on
But the sun comes out after the dark night’s gone
And all I need in life is this damn microphone
So you can try to chain me
But I will get free
And I block shots that you might shoot at me
Because you can’t stop what was meant to be
You can never stop my date
With Destiny.

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